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Tips For Studying

Hi everyone, the last few years I made some blank timetables for students so they could plan their studying on the lead up to exams. This year I’ll be giving this to anyone I’m tutoring. Here is a link to the editable document I made: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TtQRMaC1SdoIwL8QDAmzd-ptwuvIJj3mFqFlxmnAhLk/edit?usp=sharing   I’ve stuck in dates from March and also the…… Continue reading Tips For Studying


How To Plan A Disneyland Paris Holiday

About 6 months in to our relationship, I took Vince to Disneyland Paris, this cementing my nickname of “overly attached girlfriend”. In my defense, I had just received a sizable sum of money for “ticking the box” (when you graduate teaching in Scotland, you can tick a box on your placement application to say you…… Continue reading How To Plan A Disneyland Paris Holiday


How To Book Restaurants On The Disney Dining Plan

Hi everyone, we recently booked our restaurants for our trip in August. Here is a step by step guide on how to do it. Step 1: Decide what restaurants you want to go to on which days before the booking day. We used reviews, videos and the menus to decide. If it’s important to you,…… Continue reading How To Book Restaurants On The Disney Dining Plan

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Cauliflower Hot Wings Recipe

We love this recipe and make it all the time when we fancy something to share. It’s super easy to make, vegetarian and healthy. I’m pretty sure I found the recipe on Pinterest but we’ve changed it to make it even easier and lazier. Ingredients 1 Cauliflower 1 Cup Milk 3/4 Cup Flour 1tbs Garlic…… Continue reading Cauliflower Hot Wings Recipe

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What I Did On My Holiday: Cairngorms

In February, schools have a few days off so we decided to go skiing in Aviemore. This is my favourite place in Scotland and I am so glad we got visit again.   How We Got There We rented a car from Kintyre Hire which is a car rental place in Campbeltown. Our cars aren’t great…… Continue reading What I Did On My Holiday: Cairngorms