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My Disney World Wishlist

We go to Disney World in August and I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to buy, based on fashion and practicality. Here is a list that I’ve made so far (I am going to be so poor!)


Disney T-Shirts

I’ve already bought this Powerline T-Shirt and Vince got me a “The Land” T shirt but I really want some more. I’ve got my eye on a few from Redbubble.

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Disney Ears

I can’t decide whether to buy some or make them myself. I’ve found some pretty cool ones on Etsy from Closetgeeksite and New Fantasy Designs.

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Disney Bows

I’ve bought some ribbon to make these but I might buy some too.

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Lindy Bop Dresses

I already have a few dresses from this shop and I’d like some more for this holiday (if I can fit them in my suitcase.

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A Camera For Taking Videos

I have a waterproof camera and my phone camera but I’d quite like a new video camera because we’re planning on vlogging our holiday. I’m looking for something under £100 with 20mps and 8x zoom. Here are a couple I found so far but I’m going to shop around some more.

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Comfy Shoes

I’ve already bought the Skechers in the picture and they’re SO  COMFY! I like Toms because I can wear them with dresses. Comfy shoes are so essential for Disney.

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If there is anything else you think I’d love, please leave a comment.


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