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Favourite Things That I Bought In February

Because we live in a capitalist society, here are the things I bought in February that I really like.


Nip+Fab Dragon’s Blood Plumping Mask – Superdrug for £7.45face-mask

I love face masks and this one was half price at Superdrug. I usually only spend £1 on a mask, £3 for a bottle, but I thought I’d give it a shot. It really does make your skin look plumper which is what I needed after having the flu for 2 weeks. I don’t think I would buy it at full price for £14.95 but I’m happy with the price I did pay.


deep_sleep_packaging_4_pack_newSilentnight Deep Sleep Pillow (Pack of 2) – Amazon for £12.00 (I paid £10.41) 

I’m always on the lookout for new pillows because I find they flatten quickly. I bought these for £10.41 instead of £19.99 and at first I thought they were a bit rubbish and flat out of the box but they soon plumped up. They’re really cool at night too, which makes them pretty comfy and helps you sleep.


Netgear Mini N300 Mbps Wi-Fi Range Extender – Amazon for £14.99wifi-extender

For 2 and a half years we have lived in this flat and had no Wi-Fi in our bedroom. I used to love to wake up on a Saturday and read Buzzfeed or stream a video in bed but we couldn’t do that without having all of the doors open and even then it would drop out. Finally, after years of saying we should get one, I ordered an extender from Amazon. It is SO GOOD. This really is worth every penny. Now I can lie in bed and read my web comics with the heated blanket on. I only wish I had bought this when I had the flu.


hatBart’s Women’s Nicole Beanie – Amazon for £23.09 (I paid £18.99)

We went skiing at the beginning of February and I decided to get a new hat. This has a fleece lining around the ears and, most importantly, fits my giant head. It also has lovely colours and I saw loads of these in the shop that were way more expensive.





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