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Cauliflower Hot Wings Recipe

We love this recipe and make it all the time when we fancy something to share. It’s super easy to make, vegetarian and healthy. I’m pretty sure I found the recipe on Pinterest but we’ve changed it to make it even easier and lazier.


  • 1 Cauliflower
  • 1 Cup Milk
  • 3/4 Cup Flour
  • 1tbs Garlic Powder
  • Frank’s Hot Sauce
  • Butter for the pan


How To Make It

Preheat the oven to 220 degrees Celsius

Cut up the cauliflower into bite sized chunks

Stir together the flour, milk and garlic powder in a bowl

Dip the cauliflower in the mixture and then placed on a baking tin lined with baking parchment (we also butter ours to stop sticking)

Bake for 18 minutes

Take out and drizzle Frank’s Hot Sauce all over. Put back in oven for 5 minutes

Try to unstick the bites without leaving behind batter. Serve with more hot sauce and blue cheese sauce.




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