What I Did On My Holiday: London

In July 2016 we visited London on for a few days. Here is a profile of what we did and where we went.

Vince and I at Harry Potter Studios


How We Got There

We flew Ryanair from Glasgow to London Stanstead. What a horrible company. I booked the wrong dates so I tried to change it. Afterwards I realised it would be cheaper for me to book a different flight and just cancel the other one but despite making the change an hour earlier, they wouldn’t let me cancel it. I phoned up to ask if it was possible (they don’t let you email) and when I asked if I could speak to a manager they hung up on me. Long story short, they didn’t apologise and were pretty rude. I’d only phoned up to ask if it was possible, I knew it probably wasn’t and they treated me like crap. To top it all off when we got our seats we had a blank wall to stare at for an hour.

When we got to Stanstead we took a National Express Bus to the nearby train station in London. This was great and good value (£7.50 each, each way). We found the bus on

Around London, we used the trains. We got travel cards which was a bit annoying because on the last day we had run out of money so had to put £5 on when the journey only cost £2.40. You can’t share travel cards. The subway was so hot, I don’t understand how Londoners can do it. Convenient though.


Where We Stayed

We stayed at The Best Western Palm Hotel which was a 20 minute walk from the train station. This was ideal for us but I know some people would probably want to get a taxi. The hotel was clean but there was a weird smell in the hallway. The staff were nice and helped us with questions.


Where We Ate

Great food at Camden Market

Food places in Camden Market where I got sushi and Vince got pot stickers. I wish we could have tried more places there.

We got a Groupon for Planet Hollywood and had pasta. The place had nice atmosphere as a camera videos diners singing along to the music.

We always visit a Hard Rock Cafe when we go on holiday. Here we got chicken wings and played Pokemon Go because it had just come out in the UK.

Cocktails in The Escapologist

We also got a Groupon for 3 cocktails at The Escapologist. It had a cool vibe and the cocktails were yummy.


What We Did

The main reason we went to London was to see Harry Potter and The Cursed Child on stage. I know a lot of people have read the script and didn’t like it (which I agree with) but the acting and the special effects were what made the show. The details were amazing. We book the two day showing which was a

Outside the theatre where Harry Potter and The Cursed Child is shown

bit of a mistake. I had a pounding headache and really could have done with watching it on separate days. We also dressed up for the show (I would usually do this for the theatre) which I regretted because I had put on some weight and sitting for hours in a tight dress and then walking all over London on a roasting hot day was not fun. If you’re going to go then feel free to dress casual because most people do.

We also went to Harry Potter Studios which was great. I liked seeing the concept art and the models. We got the train from London to Watford Gap and then got the bus. It was fully packed but we arrived in time to get a seat.

Harry Potter Studios

They do a shout out for the different houses in the great hall and everyone was really loud for Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Slytherin but when they shouted Hufflepuff it was only me and this one guy. We gave each other a wee smile and I made a friend that day. Badger pride!

We spent a morning in The Natural History Museum which I had wanted to go to when I visited with my friends in university (we went to The Imperial War Museum which was ok but no dinosaurs). The museum has so much to do and I know we missed some things. It was a wonderful morning and I would go again.

My friend at The Natural History Museum

The best part of the trip, controversially, was going to Camden Market. I had never been and I’d go back to London just to go again. The place is a maze of shops, stalls and cool food places. If I’d had more money I would have bought so many 50’s dresses.

C x


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