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What’s In My Boardgame Pile

We love boardgames. Not the usual Monopoly, Articulate etc, though those are good. I’d say these are a wee bit cooler. We found out about most of them via Tabletop, Wil Wheaton’s gaming show on Geek and Sundry.

Gerbils enjoy boardgames too (to eat).

This post isn’t a full review, it’s simply a list of what games we have with a rating out of 10. Some of them haven’t been played yet. They have also been put into categories so if you’re looking for something specific, this might give you a clue. In the future I’ll be writing full reviews about some of them. If there are any on this list that you would like to know more about, leave a comment below.



Co-op Boardgames

Pandemic, 2-4 Players – 9/10

Forbidden Island, 2-4 Players – 8/10

Forbidden Desert, 2-5 Players – 8/10

Mice and Mystics, 1-4 Players – not played yet.

Pandemic by @starkcalibre on Instagram


Competitive Boardgames

Takenoko, 2-4 Players – 9/10

Betrayal At House On The Hill, 3-6 Players – 9/10

Dixit, 3-6 Players, 10/10

Tiny Epic Kingdoms, 2-5 Players – 5/10 but needs another chance

Odin’s Ravens, 2 Players – 7/10

Ticket To Ride, 2- 5 Players – 10/10

Assassin’s Creed Arena, 2-4 Players – 4/10

Pokemon Monopoly, 2-6 Players – 3/10

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Co-op Card Games

Wizard School by @starkcalibre on Instagram

Wizard School, 2-5 Players – not played yet.


Competitive Card Games


Sushi Go, 2-5 Players – 8/10

Coup, 2-6 Players – 8/10

Exploding Kittens, 2-5 Players – 6/10

Cards Against Humanity, 4-20+ Players – 8/10

The Hobbit Love Letter, 2-4 Players – 4/10

Werewolf, 8-18 Players – 9/10

Firefly Fluxx, 2-6 Players – 10/10

Deer Lord, 4-8 Players – not played yet.

Rocket Race, 2-6 Players – not played yet.

Avalon, 5-10 Players – not played yet.

Bang! 3-8 Players – not played yet.



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