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Books of 2016


Last year I set myself a challenge to read more books. Though initially I aimed for a book a week, life got in the way. I knew that if I pushed myself more I would stop enjoying it and start feeling stressed out. That wasn’t the aim. Less stress.

I really enjoyed reading so much and while I didn’t enjoy all the books, they all helped me improve my own writing.

So here are my favourite 3 books of 2016 and my least favourite.



#1 – A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

Last year I discovered Maas and managed to read both of her series within the first few months. This one was so good I read it twice. I love the fantasy worlds and the characters she creates. A Court of Mist and Fury is the sequel to A Court of Thorns and Roses but the story is so much better (for those of you who are fans of the book – when you go back and read about The Tool do you cringe aswell?) The story follows Feyre who lives in a world where humans live in fear of faeries. I can’t say much without giving away the first book but this one had so many twists and a whole lot of romance. I can’t wait for the sequel in May!

#2 – The Help by Kathryn Stocketthehelpbookcover

I listened to this on Audible and it kept my walks to school interesting. It’s about a group of black maids in Mississippi in the 1960’s who’s lives are made hell by racism and segregation. Skeeter is a rich white girl and wannabe writer who interviews the women and writes a book about their lives. There were so many heart stopping moments but the best thing about the story was having it read in Southern accents. Unlike, the YA fantasy books I usually read, this wasn’t only entertaining but I also learned a lot.

#3 – A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Graya-thousand-pieces-of-you

Science fiction perfection. Usually sci-fis are set in the future but this one had some historical settings. Marguerite is a teenager who’s parents are famous physicists. They think they have created a device called a Firebird which allows the wearer to travel through dimensions. Some dimensions are further along in technology, others not so much. Bug shout out to the Russiaverse. Marguerite steals the Firebird to avenge her father. It’s romantic, exciting and a bit geeky.


Least favourite

#1 – Revelation by Randi Cooley Wilsonrevelation

What a bunch of nonsense. This was like reading a badly written Twilight fanfic (though not as bad as My Immortal).
For those still interested: it’s about a girl who is the key to save the world and who is protected by a man that has multiple personality disorder. Surprise – they fall in love. But it’s forbidden! There are 5 books in the series but I don’t think I’ll be reading another one.


With an honorable mention – the books I started but didn’t finish because they were so pants:

neverlandNeverland by Anna Katmore. Maybe I was just too old for this one? I cringed all the way then stopped at chapter 5. One of the sisters is called Brittney Renae. Now imagine the sort of person who would call a character that. Also, the author has obviously never spoken to children because they sound more like 15 year olds than 5 year olds.



christmas-promiseThe Christmas Promise by Sue Moorcroft. Not poor Sue’s fault. I tried reading this because I wanted a Christmas book but I quickly realised why I never read women’s fiction. Words like “dosh” and “newish” are frequent. It reminds me of when I used to read Mizz and Shout magazines when I was younger and they tried to be really cool by abbreviating everything. “Goss”. “Mag”. “Spesh”. *shudder*



C x



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