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How Giving Up Dieting Made Me Happier and Healthier

Diets are pretty much the norm in the UK. If you go into a workplace, especially where the majority of employees are women (like in teaching), most people will be on some sort of diet. Since January I’ve actually been asked 6 times if I’m on a diet. And, unlike any other year, the answer…… Continue reading How Giving Up Dieting Made Me Happier and Healthier

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Let’s Talk About Mental Health

When I typed the headline of this post, I silently questioned myself. Shouldn’t I be writing about frilly, happy things? No one will want to read about this. Is this oversharing (something I have a bad habit of doing all the time)? The thing is, mental health isn’t always negative. You can have good mental…… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Mental Health

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Favourite Places To Visit In Europe

My favourite places in Scotland was so popular that I decided to write a post about Europe. For the purposes of this blog post I have not included anywhere in Scotland because I would be going over the same places. For context, I have visited Germany, Croatia, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Andorra, Ireland and…… Continue reading Favourite Places To Visit In Europe

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Things I Put On My Face

Hello, here are some things I smear on my face every day. I pretty much refuse to spend more than £15 on an item of make up.   Max Factor Limited Edition Luxe Collection Facefinity Primer I recently bought this from Superdrug because I’ve been having trouble with my face (my skin has been really dry).…… Continue reading Things I Put On My Face